You can add a soundtrack to your video, and control the mix between the soundtrack and your video. If you don’t want a soundtrack, you can still control the volume of your video using the soundtrack panel.

Tour of the Soundtrack panel

Open the soundtrack panel by rewinding to the start of your video (by pressing and pulling the play button, read more), and then tapping the music button.

Tap the “Browse iTunes Library…” button to open your iTunes library to choose a soundtrack.

Use the mixing slider to control the mix between your video and your soundtrack.

iTunes Library

Your iTunes Library will only show songs that have been downloaded to your device. If a song doesn’t appear, switch to the Music app and download it.

In some circumstances a song may appear that isn’t in fact available; Vee will alert you in this case. You may be able to resolve the problem by switching to the Music app and downloading the song.

Previewing your soundtrack

You can press the Play button to play your video while the soundtrack panel is open so you can quickly hear what it sounds like. You can also adjust the mixing slider while your video is playing so you can get your mix just right.

Adjusting the Mix

Using the mixing slider you can adjust how the soundtrack mixes with the audio you’ve recorded with each clip. Drag the slider to the left to keep your clip audio at 100% and to fade out your soundtrack. Drag the slider to the right to have your soundtrack at 100% and to fade out your clip audio. In the middle you’ll hear both at 100%.

Removing a soundtrack

Open the soundtrack panel and tap the Delete button next to the name of the song. That will remove the soundtrack from your video. It will not remove the song from your iTunes Library.