We care about your privacy. Vee is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information.


Vee asks for permission to use your camera and microphone for the purpose of shooting video in Vee.

The developers of Vee have no access to the videos you create in Vee. Your videos are never shared or stored anywhere without your permission.

Note that if you use iCloud or iTunes backups, your videos will be included in those backups.


The developers of Vee have no access to the sharing services you authorize in Vee. Those authorizations are only used by Vee for the purposes of sharing videos that you explicitly choose to share.

Check that you use the correct privacy settings when sharing your videos (if appropriate), and please check the privacy policies of any sharing services you use.


The Vimeo API does not allow setting privacy on videos until the upload is complete, therefore there is a small risk of the privacy settings not being applied (say your network connection fails at the wrong moment). Please set your Global Video Settings on Vimeo to “Only Me”, if you are concerned, which sets the default privacy setting of uploads.


Vee asks for permission to use your physical location. Vee stores this information with your video in order to show you where your video was shot.

Your location is NOT included in video when it is shared. Vee may offer this feature in future, but it will always be an explicit opt-in option during sharing.

Your location is never shared with the developers of Vee.


Vee asks for permission to send you notifications. Vee uses these notifications to inform you about exporting and sharing progress and completion.

Crash Reporting and Analytics

Vee uses Crashlytics for crash reporting and analytics. This enables us to detect and fix faults easily and quickly. Crashlytics is designed to collect great information for developers while strictly maintaining your privacy. Please read more about Crashlytics privacy policy.

Apple may also collect crash reporting and analytics information from your device, if you have opted in.