The Shooting screen is where you work on your video. You can shoot clips, edit them, play your video and share it, all from the Shooting screen.


In Vee you shoot and edit your video from the Shooting screen. Tap the Play button at any time to playback your video. While in playback mode, tap the Shooting button to switch back to shooting mode (when you switch to shooting mode, the Shooting button will become the Shooting Settings button!)

A tour of the Shooting screen

Landscape vs Portrait

Vee recommends always shooting video in landscape. That means that your video is wide, rather than tall. Landscape video is 16:9, and will look great on the web and on your TV.

To remind you to shoot in landscape, Vee shows a “Portrait Shooting Warning” if you hold your device in portait while in shooting mode. You can still shoot in portrait, but we hope this warning will reduce the occurence of accidental portrait video.

Volume buttons

While you’re in shooting mode you can use the volume buttons on your device to start and stop shooting.