How do I import stuff I've already shot?

On the right edge of the timeline is an add button [+] that will let you easily import any existing footage you've already shot and have saved in your iPhone's photo library. Just tap the [+], pick Import, and then select whatever clip you'd like to import. Once you select a clip the system will export it as a video file that Vee can understand. No worries when it says "compressing" — you aren't losing any quality, that's just iOS making the clip available outside the photo library.

How much space does a video take up?

Press and hold on any video on the videos screen. The video’s file size will appear underneath its duration.

Why don’t the things I shoot show up in the photos app?

One of the goals of Vee is to avoid filling up your camera roll with lots of little clips. Instead Vee keeps your footage and lets you tell a story by combining clips together. As soon as you’re happy with the clips you’ve assembled you can tap Share and pick “Save Video” to output your final video at full resolution to your photos library.

Can I add transitions into my video?

Of course you can! Once you've upgraded to Vee version 1.5 you can now tap on any clip and you'll see a new insert [+] button appear before and after the clip in the timeline. If you tap on the insert [+] button you'll have the option add a transition in the space between those clips.